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At Urban Oasis your standard massage
service will include hot towels, heated
massage tables and aromatherapy.
Your personal needs will be tended to
as your therapist combines a variety of
appropriate techniques to facilitate
your wellness.
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Integrative Massage Menu
60 minutes:                  $70
75  minutes:                  $85
90 minutes:                  $100
120 minutes:                 $135

Sustained Deep Tissue: Add $15 hour
Prepaid packages available. Save 20%Self Care Page


Speciality Massage Menu


Me Time: Escape from routine with this most satisfying combination of facial and body
massage tailored to your relaxation and therapeutic needs.

105 minute service: $130


The Great Getaway: Drift away during this 105 minute body massage which
includes a focused and luxurious foot scrub and reflexology.

105 minute service: $120


Facial Massage: This mind easing massage service includes the arms, neck, scalp and
face. Choose your preference from our organic products. Does not include skin assessment
or treatment

40 minute service: $60


Reflexology: This satisfying foot and hand treatment stimulates every system and
organ in the body for relaxation and general wellness.

40 minute service: $50


Hot Stone Massage: Smooth, warmed river stones are strategically placed or added
to the pressing and kneading of muscles to amplify the calming effect of Swedish massage.

75 minute service: $95


Foot Fancy: Treat tired feet to a nourishing and detoxifying Epsom salt and essential oil
soak followed by a stimulating scrub and foot massage.

40 minute service: $55


Ask about the following
Lymphatic Massage
Cranio-Sacral Balancing
Pregnancy Massage
Clothing on Massage
Infant Massage


Massage Menu
Additions and Gifts
Self Care
Specials and Events
Art Boutique